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"Certainly not like that of Marco Jackets, Speaker Radio Radio Dream forced to lead a bet on Love for Valentine's Day .......

and he is having just been dumped by his Giulia! "

Who has not happened a bad


100 minutes show, complete with scenery, objects and costumes that can empathize with the audience in a real radio studio!

Do not miss the interaction with the audience, many laughs and surprises accompanied by strictly live music!

Thus began "DREAM ON AIR: A Speaker tune of Love!", The Musical Show that combines a brilliant and unusual comedy to Swing music of the 40s with Band Live.

A Funny Story bound by evergreen Italian and Foreigners, Swing and Blues arranged in a modern way with themes Love: Love the crisp!

The quintet Dream ON AIR consists

                Paolo Bianca   Voice

                Dario Pardini  Piano

          Luca Bernacchi    Bass

              Stefano Contesini   Trumpet

        Giulio Franceschi  Drum

See the Trailer of the Show!

Songs like "baciami Piccina", "Parlami d’Amore Mariu'", "1000 lire al mese" ... but also "New York, New York", "Fly Me to the Moon" and many others arranged in a modern style Swing!


Unpublished Live Entertainment

Written and Designed by Paolo Bianca

Arrangements Dario Pardini