Paolo and Serena, a young engaged couple are about to receive their wedding gift: a magical Baule!

Soon they will be transported to the enchanting world of Cartoons, and will revive live soundtracks Disney, to remember that dreams can come true!

The Flying Carpet  is taking off!

A video projection of considerable size with which the characters interact, is the setting for a theater / musical show full of special effects.

A new, unusual and original theatrical comedy that tells, through fun dialogues, images, video "cartoon" and sung songs performed live, the important values of life like friendship and love.

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The Musical!

The show is available in two versions:

Musical Duration:

90 minutes

Two narrators take turns reading to the public of an unusual fairy tale, it is a journey undertaken in the world of cartoons.

Interspersed with nice music of Walt Disney and colorful props contained in a magical trunk, the two main characters lead the audience on a journey into the world of fantasy, as well as a parent could tell his son the bedtime story!                             

Musical Duration:

80 minutes

A show that combines beautiful songs with fun choreography accompanied by a colorful play of light,

embellished with curious objects and colorful costumes.


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Lo Spettacolo Spettacolare!

Unpublished Live Entertainment

Written and Designed by Paolo Bianca and Serena Marioni!

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Serena Marioni o Paolo Bianca